Writing — The Best Alternative to Housework

Women have lots of frustrations – wash clothes and someone puts more in the dirty clothes hamper, wash dishes and someone uses a glass! Even at work, I put in a round of account payments and more show up.

So today I’ve decided to talk about why I’m addicted to writing. I know my family must often wonder why I’d prefer to fritter away my time putting words on paper rather than doing their dirty laundry. Well, they’ll find the answer in the following (if they were allowed to read it):

**Caveat: These same reasons could also be applied to reading, scrapbooking, knitting, acting, or any hobby or career a person decided to invest themselves in!

#1: Writing stays done.

Once those words are on the page, they stay there. When I turn my back, they don’t disappear. No one messes them up. No one erases them. I don’t have to rewrite them every 5, 15, or 30 minutes. It’s permanent (as long as I backed them up on disk). I may have to revise, but that’s MY choice!

#2: It never complains.

My writing doesn’t turn its nose up at what I cook for dinner. Doesn’t turn into a prima donna when it doesn’t get its way. Doesn’t collapse to the floor in a tantrum of tears. Doesn’t make seemingly innocent comments about being neglected.

#3: It shows up for an appointment.

Writing is always there. It never stands me up when I’m ready to work. Sure, I’ve suffered from writer’s block plenty of times. But that’s not the writing’s fault, that’s mine. I never have to worry that I’ll set aside time to work and end up with no characters, plot, or ideas to work with.

#4: Writing Friends are willing to help.

I’ve never had a fellow author refuse to answer a question. Never had a brainstorming or critique partner tell me it was too much trouble to work on my book. Never had a Playfriend look exasperated when I asked for help or advice.

#5: Writing never makes me feel guilty.

It doesn’t have a “poor pitiful me” look. Doesn’t beg, whine, or tear up. Doesn’t give me the cold shoulder. And is its own reward for hard work. I’ve felt guilty FOR writing, but again, that hang-up is mine.

#6: Which brings us back to #1: Writing stays done.

It doesn’t disappear like my nice, neat flower beds after I’ve spent weeks digging grass out of them—only to have it grow back in two days.

People wonder why I want to use my free time writing, besides getting another contract? Because it makes the frustrations in life easier to deal with; it shows me the hope beyond the pain; it celebrates the love of friends and family (despite the dirty laundry); it takes me on a journey away from the mundane. Life wouldn’t be life without it.

How does writing/reading help you cope with everyday life?



2 thoughts on “Writing — The Best Alternative to Housework

  1. I agree with all these points, especially the first one. Unlike the sink or the floors that accumulate dishes and dust, writing doesn’t change and that feels comforting. I feel good about myself when writing because I know it’s what I do best. Nobody in the house can call me out on my writing because I am by default the best writer in the family. As for reading, it helps me relax when I’m stressed. If I need a break from everything, I know that I only need to open a book and bury myself in it. =]

  2. I think that’s the thing I love most, besides the joy of creating and fleshing out characters/plot. Writing stays done, and I know I’ve done it well. It leaves behind a great feeling of accomplishment!
    Isn’t it wonderful that we can simply open a book and be transported away from all our troubles and worries for a while? I don’t see how people who don’t read actually live without it?!?!
    Thanks for stopping by, Zen!

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