Take 2 Thursday: Why Do You Write by Cynthia Justlin

This week I read a blog that served as a huge wake-up call for me as a writer. There are so many things that become a distraction to the joy of writing once you decide to pursue publication — critiques, pressure, questions, rejections, other people’s opinions, deadlines. It can get really hard to retain that connection with the process of creating, especially when combined with internal worries and self-doubt.

Why do YOU write?

Cynthia’s very simple solution is a great reminder to writers to “check in” when the joy gets lost in the seas of chaos.

Check it out!





3 thoughts on “Take 2 Thursday: Why Do You Write by Cynthia Justlin

  1. Wow! Great blog. I think sometimes that’s what frustrates me about writing romance: I see it as telling not just a story but also a life truth of some sort (it’s the lit teacher in me), but too often readers who disparage romance say it’s “all about the sex.” I have to find those secondary answers (“what do I want to tell my reader?”) in order to be passionate about a book. Thanks for sharing!

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