Retreating From the World

In keeping with this month’s inadvertent theme (how’d that happen?), my sister and I went on a mini-writers’ retreat to have some space and quiet to focus with our writing. For me, to reconnect with my creativity in general.

Things have been crazy lately (translation: chaos) and I don’t know about normal people, but for me that usually translates into SLOW writing—like pouring molasses slow. We both needed to get away, and a state park within reasonable driving distance was a quiet and economical solution.

Our Cabin

The nature, quiet, and lack of pressure worked wonders! I used to feel very selfish taking time away like that (ok, so I still do sometimes), but I’ve learned that I just work better with quiet and solitude. Of course, that doesn’t actually mean no people at all—I often write in restaurants and coffee shops—but the general public isn’t stopping me every 15 minutes to ask for a snack or can they play on the Xbox.

L-Dani Wade, R-Ella Sheridan

But I digress. Even though I can work with munchkin interruptions, it often stalls momentum. On our retreat, I could chug a little faster with each writing session. We also went on a walk on the trail near our cabin while we brainstormed on Saturday morning (great ideas!). The drive was good for that too.

I came home refreshed and energized about my stories, ready to tackle revisions on my contracted book. Retreats can be used for all kinds of things—scrapbooking, quilting, crafting, sleeping. My local RWA chapter goes on an annual retreat that involves lots of plotting, talking, singing, booze, but not as much actual writing as you’d think. But its still rejuvenating, emotionally and creatively.

Nearby Waterfall

So go forth and rejuvenate! Seriously, if you could retreat anywhere, where would it be?




2 thoughts on “Retreating From the World

  1. My favorite place is a timeshare villa in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. In fact, I’m heading that way October 14. I can’t wait to sit among the mountains, the colorful leaves surrounding me, deer and squirrels playing along the golf course. I’m planning to map out my next book while there, do some discovery writing about my characters, and take long walks. I’m glad you had time to do some of that close by to home! Best of luck!

  2. Oh, Betty, that sounds awesome! I’m definitely more of a woods/mountains girl. The ladies at work all vacation at the beach, but I have no desire to go. I do like water, but prefer a river running through the mountains. That’s utterly soothing to me. 🙂

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